On the 26th of April 2009 took place in Brescia (Italy) the 3rd FREESTYLE GATHERING, where a few tricksters met in the gym of the Kung Fu School “Lao Long Dao Le Aquile“.

In the morning Francesco Venturelli and Valentino Solinas guided all the athletes in the training of combinations of kicks and acrobatics, in order to improve techniques usefull in competitions of freestyle forms.

In the afternoon everybody took part to the tricks contest, where all the athletes performed jumps, kicks, flips, spins and much more, just for fun. Everybody was helping each other shearing advices and experiences while having a good time… with a little bit of craziness.

Fighter-Arts would like to thank Francesco Venturelli (and his students), Valentino Solinas (and his students), and all the other tricksters who took part at the gathering: hokuto Clan, Michele Trevisan and students, Vertical Limit, Chinese Box, Alessio Pavan, Cristian Zanchetta, Gube, Dario”Tamario”, Emanuele Cosentino, Cristina Caruso, Four Kicks TKD I.T.F. Arezzo e Lao Long Dao

The video shows the second part of the gathering.
The music is: Cause I feel by Shearer.
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September 17 2009 10:10 am | FREESTYLE