SHAOLIN – MU-YANG-BIAN (shaolin whip)

1°Exhibition by Shaolin Monk Shi-Xiao-Dong


The whip of the Shaolin monks is 2.5 m long and consists of four parts, the handle: of the length of a forearm, is rigid and has a slot to secure the wrist. Above the hole is a red clump, which hides the hand. At the bottom of the weapon dangle two flakes similar to those of the straight sword, one red and one yellow, to distract the opponent’s view from the weapon action. The body of whip is made of leather, and snake-shaped, progressively finer towards the tip of the weapon, where there is a section of rope nilon 50 cm. with frayed end. In combat, the whip Mù-yáng-biān takes to hit the opponent, to envelop his legs, his arms or his weapons, to strangle him, tie him or thrown down from his horse. The whistle and pop of the gun also act as psychological deterrent.

Shaolin Temple Italy leads to MARTIAL MARATHON 2010 the Shaolin Monks of International Exhibition Team of Shaolin Temple supervised by 释 延 达 Shi-Yan-Da (少林寺 监 院 Shaolin Temple Supervisor 少林寺 武僧 僧 团长 Shaolin Monks Martial Arts Exhibition Troupe leader, Guan Yin Temple 观音 寺 住持 Abbot).

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November 11 2010 10:33 am | SHAOLIN