Silat Suffian Applications

Silat Suffian applications by Marco (SSBD study group Milano/Varese) and Giorgio (SSBD study group Bologna).

Special thanks to MAUL MORNIE, awesome Master and good friend. Thank you for sharing your Art, and thanks for mixing hard training and good laughter.

Many thanks also to CARLO ANDREIS and the guys of the Italian Training Group, as well as all the others (from Germany, USA, England, Wales, Slovenia, Croatia, Russia, Hong Kong, Spain, France,

Switzerland…) who we had the pleasure to train with.
We shared really good training experiences, and every time we meet it’s always a great fun (even outside the gym).

If you are interested in training Silat Suffian you can contact MAUL MORNIE or visit SSBD website
In Italy you can contact CARLO ANDREIS or visit Italian SSBD website

For superior level Silat Suffian videos check out
MAUL MORNIE YouTube channel

Video by Fighter-Arts.
Figthing choreography, direction, editing by Marco.
Filming by Laura (thanks for your infinite patience).

da Marco e Giorgio

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September 09 2014 01:57 pm | SILAT